This is a wiki project to gather the online fanfiction based on the hit Canadian animated series Total Drama, that premiered on Teletoon in 2007 and follows a fictional reality competition at an island in Ontario. We are currently editing over 2 articles and 34 images since October 19, 2008, and you can help!

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The Featured Story for April is...

Total Drama the Unknown, by Sunslicer2!

This recently completed story is Sunny's first competition story. It features 13 original contestants in a short season, and has become an unexpected hit.

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The Featured Character for April is...

Mitchie, created by Goldenshane!

Mitchie is sweetheart character of Total Drama Craziness, known for her fun and determined personality and being the last person to be voted off the island.

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The Featured Quote for 16-30 April is...

“Who’s there?” asked Oweguy. A silhouette was shown in the hallway. “An old friend.” said the man. When he walked into the room it was shown that it was Murdoch but he was now dressed like the Joker.

“Murdoch?” asked Oweguy shocked. “Oh thank goodness. When you went missing after the giant Nianah challenge I thought you were dead!”

“Dead?” asked Murdoch surprised. “Oh no no no no no. I was just missing."

--from Total Drama Sci-Fi Action, by Owenguy101
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The wife of our Wiki Elder, "Jay" is the author of the animal-oriented collection of shorts, The Beasts of Wawanakwa, is as supportive as anyone on the wiki, and is a fixture on Chat.

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This fanart for Total Deception Island is a flashback to Yuko's first stalking. It was drawn by Mrodd.

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